Chris Eubank Jr responds to his father labelling him a ‘charlatan’ in boxing

Chris Eubank Jr
Eubank Jr takes on Liam Smith in a rematch on Saturday (Picture: Getty)

Chris Eubank Jr has dismissed comments from Chris Eubank Snr labelling him a ‘charlatan’ and believes his father is being taken advantage of ‘scumbags’ in the media.

British boxing legend Eubank Snr played a larger-than-life role in his son’s boxing career, at his side from his professional debut in 2011 and a constant presence in training, at ringside and at press conferences.

The relationship between the two has become somewhat strained in recent years with Eubank Snr not appearing in his son’s corner since 2019. The former middleweight and super-middleweight champion expressed grave concerns over his son’s doomed showdown with Conor Benn last year and wanted no part of the historic grudge match.

In June, Eubank Snr appeared on talkSPORT and accused his son of surrounding himself with ‘yes men’ and ‘PE teachers’ in the wake of his knockout defeat to Liam Smith six months earlier.

Eubank Snr was played an audio clip of talkSPORT’s Simon Jordan labelling Eubank Jr a ‘charlatan’ having lost in each of his three fights where he has taken on world level opposition in Billy Joe Saunders, George Groves and Smith.

Asked if he agreed with that statement, Eubank Snr paused before stating: ‘In the world of honesty, how can I disagree with you? I guess my silence says it all. Truth is truth.’

Appearing on The Overlap with Gary Neville, Eubank Jr was quizzed on his father’s comments. The 33-year-old said: ‘Being called a charlatan is very mild. And from what I saw, he didn’t call me that, whoever said it, he let them say it. My father aways told me no publicity is bad publicity. He knows what he is doing.

Chris Eubank Jr
Eubank was stopped in the fourth round by Smith in January (Picture: Getty)

Asked if his father is still playing PR games in the media, he added: ‘You’re talking about it now, aren’t you? If he had said, my son is great, no one would be saying anything. But when someone calls me a charlatan and he stays silent, that is news.’

In July 2021, Sebastian Eubank, Jnr’s brother and Snr’s son, tragically lost his life just days before his 30th birthday, suffering a heart attack as a result of a preexisting and undiagnosed condition.

Eubank Snr has openly discussed the immense grief he continues to struggle with Eubank Jr believes his father is still dealing with the loss, hitting out at those chasing ‘headlines’ while he is in pain.  

‘I haven’t spoken to him about it,’ Eubank Jr continued. ‘Am I angry about it? I understand emotions. I understand who my father is as a man, he has been through a lot the last two years. The things that have happened with the family, it’s affected him. So I have to take these things into consideration when he is speaking to the media.

‘It is tough dealing with a death in the family, everyone deals with it different, some deal with it badly, some deal with it as good as they can. He needs to just deal with what he’s dealing with and people taking advantage of his mental state right now I think is poor.

‘These guys don’t care about him, they want the headlines, they want the lines. I can’t stop him talking to people. But anyone who has lost a son and is so clearly devastated by that, I think it is irresponsible to be putting them on a platform. But people don’t have morals these days. People are scumbags, looking for a leg up by any means necessary whoever they hurt or whoever is affected.’

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